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Lissa Lenz, Yoga Teacher Instructor

Colorado Springs School of Yoga
Bridge Program

 May 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th, 2024

Colorado Springs, CO

This program is designed for the 200hr Yoga Teacher who is looking to build confidence and strength in cueing and sequencing to up level your embodiment as a yoga teacher. 

This program is for:

  • Yoga Teacher training graduates as they transition from training into the teaching community 

  • Yoga Teachers who are desiring an in person experience to deepen their inquiry of guiding 

  • Current teachers who are seeking increased student retention 

  • Current teachers who would like to gain continuing education credits through Yoga Alliance 

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Colorado Springs School of Yoga Bridge Program is right for you.


Program Dates:

Join the Spring 2024 Cohort

May 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th, 2024


The gift that keeps on giving



Colorado Springs, CO

Live In-Person

Our student experience speaks for itself


Connection, growth, strength and confidence are only a few words that come to mind when I reminisce on the time spent during my yoga teacher training. Becoming a yoga teacher was always something I envisioned for myself but pursuing this dream was something I had set on the back burner of my multi-burner stove. When the opportunity arose to take this training with Lissa and Carol, I knew my time had come. Not only are both of these facilitators excellent yoga teachers, they are also incredible people. They have a passion for life and this work that is contagious and they so graciously share with their students. They have a fair approach at working with all learning styles, this course is made for anyone wanting to  deepen their relationship with themselves and the practice of yoga.


I had some profound moments during this training where I felt sudden shifts in my perspective, my body and my why. I have a newfound respect and love for myself and that is a direct result of this experience. I would recommend 10/10 to the person looking to find themselves on a deeper level, explore the incredible art of movement and stillness that is yoga, and to connect with incredible like minded people. 

Yoga Teacher Training Graduate, Adrianne

I had an incredibly life-enhancing experience with the training through the Colorado Springs School of Yoga. Not only did this program prepare me with a confident teaching foundation, but it brought about amazing growth and confidence in my personal life as well. Lissa and Carol are incredibly knowledgeable, engaging, experienced, connective facilitators, and they both went above and beyond to focus on me as an individual throughout the entire process. I was pushed to my limits at times and I was also encouraged to be content with where I was at. They facilitated a group dynamic that left me with the most wonderful, supportive friendships. Lissa and Carol consistently brought out the best in each of us and helped me come to a much deeper understanding of what yoga really means and can be. 


My name is Jenna and after spending 8 weekends in YTT with Lissa and Carol, I am almost at a loss for words but here we go. I cannot compliment the two enough. Their levels of knowledge and expertise were exceptional. I don’t think a single one of us was ready for it to end. From start to finish, the whole training was conducted beautifully and I am grateful for the experience.

Bridge Program Schedule
  • Program introduction 

  • Set sequence 

  • Intro to sequencing 

  • Teaching Methodology 

  • Coaching practice 

  • Set sequence expanded 

  • Dynamic Languaging 

  • Class structure 

  • Coaching Practice 

  • Set sequence expanded 

  • Dynamic Languaging 

  • Class structure 

  • Coaching Practice 

  • Program introduction 

  • Set sequence 

  • Intro to sequencing 

  • Teaching Methodology 

  • Coaching practice 

  • Set sequence expanded 

  • Dynamic Languaging 

  • Class structure 

  • Coaching Practice 

  • Set sequence expanded 

  • Breath 

  • Assisting and adjustments 

  • Coaching practice 

  • Sequence embodiment 

  • Transitions 

  • Chataranga exploration 

  • Observations and Evaluations 

  • 5/25 Introduction to the Incubator Program on Zoom. Valued at $125

  • 1 hour breakdown of business taxes and licensing with a Tax Esquire. Valued at $300

Meet the Teacher Training Faculty
Lissa Lenz, Program Facilitator
Melissa Lenz

Lead Facilitator

Lissa Lenz is an expert at curating multi-dimensional experiences, holding space for her students, and allowing them to connect with their own personal power on and off of the mat through the transformative power of yoga and movement. Over the past 20 years she has acquired immense training in movement, dance, anatomy, alignment, and yoga and shares her experience working with students and teachers to apply these ancient practices to everyday life and show up more empowered, skillful, and engaged.

Lissa brings a fun and warm energy to her yoga experiences and is passionate about sharing her offerings with her students.

Carol O'Brien

YTT Assistant

Carol began studying and practicing 22 years ago with Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Therapy. In early 2018 she completed  training with the Vibrational Sound Association and became a certified practitioner of healing with vibrational sound therapy.  She has practiced over 750 hours in individual and group sessions facilitating healing with gentle vibration and subtle sounds.  In the spring of 2020 Carol completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, 2021 added Energy Medicine Yoga, and 2022 Yin and Traditional Chinese Medicine healing modalities.  Her practices and healing modalities will softly challenge you to grow in awareness as you explore your physical and spiritual growth.

What You Receive…

  • Resource Manual with Sequence 

  • 16 hours of Continuing Education Credits through Yoga Alliance 

  • Ongoing mentorship, resources, sequences, ideas, and support

  • Access to our online Facebook community

  • Bonus 1: Introduction to the Incubator Program on Zoom. Valued at $125

  • Bonus 2: 1 hour breakdown of business taxes and licensing with a Tax Esquire. Valued at $300


Requirements for Program Participation

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Must have a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from YA certified school

  • You must demonstrate English-language competency.

  • You must demonstrate medical and mental-health readiness.

  • A current consistent yoga practice is desired.

Bridge Program Enroll

Enroll Now:

  • Bridge Program

    Valid for one month

Yoga Studio Ambassadors


Yoga Bliss Studio is located on the Northside of Colorado Springs. They offer several different styles of yoga and provide a welcoming and safe space for you to explore your practice.  They serve as the home studio for the Colorado Springs School of Yoga, as a place to attend classes and hold workshops.


Be around the light bringers, the magic makers, the world shifters, the game changers. They challenge you, shake you open, uplift and expand you. They don’t let you play small with your life. These heartbeats are your people. These people are your tribe.

A transformative journey that will transform your mind, body, heart, and soul.

JOIN US. You belong here.

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